[Updated April 23, 2010]

Jan Drago

See our Letters page for a copy of what King County Councilmember Drago wrote to us on April 22, 2010.

Tom Rasmussen

The first we have heard from any of our representatives in this matter is a quote that is noted in the West Seattle Herald article dated April 12, 2010 (linked to in our right sidebar). In that article, Tom Rasmussen is quoted as saying “I’ve been working several years with the community on this,” Seattle Councilman Tom Rasmussen told the West Seattle Herald, referring to the Murray Pump Station plans. “This project should be done in a way to address their concerns, and I am disappointed if it has not. I will continue to work to get Metro’s Wastewater Treatment Division to respond to their concerns. I will contact that division. I want to insure that they are listening, and will redouble my efforts. This has been an ongoing frustrating issue.”

I can attest to what Mr. Rasmussen says — he has been very helpful and truly understands what is needed and what is not acceptable for sustainable, long-term solutions to CSO in West Seattle.

Let Your Representatives at All Government Levels Know!

If you don’t think politics plays a role in the decision-making process and the “will” to do the right things, even if it might cost more money or take more time, then you would be wrong.

We will need a lot of angelic help to lobby for the right choices and to make sure the will of the people is heard and acted upon. At this point in time, the estimates of costs for each of the alternatives is so vague as to make it impossible to compare to other potential better built, larger, more expandable facilities, such as would be possible if the proposals were situated in Lincoln Park or some larger area.

Already, several of my neighbors have written eloquent, rational, and highly knowledgeable letters to King County Executive Dow Constantine, Seattle Councilmembers Tom Rasmussen and Sally Bagshaw, Seattle Parks’ Tim Gallagher, King County Councilmember Jan Drago (who also happens to be the Chair of the Regional Water Quality Committee), and all the 34th District Legislators, Eileen Cody, Sharon Nelson, and Joe McDermott.  It may be that our U.S. Representatives and Senators will need to be consulted if we need federal help in getting the right thing done in King County.

If you want your letters, e-mails and other correspondence posted here for others to see, please feel free to e-mail me at ron @ soundangels dot org. I may need confirmation of your identity to post, but I can post anonymously if you wish.


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