[Updated 4/23/10: 1:45 p.m.]

The First Offline Petition (Coombes #1)

The Coombes #1 Petition was hand-delivered by Jim Coombes to Tim Gallagher’s office (Superintendent, Seattle Parks and Recreation), and copies were delivered to Seattle Councilmembers Bagshaw and Rasmussen, King County Executive Dow Constantine, King County Councilmember Jan Drago and a few other offices on April 13, 2010. Jim and neighbor, Michael Harkin, had collected 389 signatures to that date. You can read the text of Coombes’ letter to Tim Gallagher here. The petition is still available at Husky Deli and Coombes plans on continuing to collect signatures. Kudos to Jim and Michael!

They have continued to collect signatures and the total is well OVER 500 signatures at this point (April 23, 2010).  Ongoing kudos!

The First Online Petition

Petition #1 has been posted at our petition website. We call it Petition #1 because there may be more petitions that will be necessary to deal with the different issues as this process moves along. Our goal is to keep any petitions we post as simple as possible and limited to one issue at a time. To do otherwise, we think, confuses issues or makes it difficult to sign a petition because you may agree with one part of the petition but disagree with another part of the petition. We hope that makes sense. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Please visit our petition website to sign our first petition noted below.

King County Wastewater Treatment Division (Washington State) (KCWTD) has “unilaterally” chosen three alternative sites for a major industrial project — building at least a 1 million gallon underground tank for catching overflow wastewater during rain events to prevent such overflow from going into Puget Sound (as it does now). We use the term “unilaterally” because, although KCWTD alleges it has conducted adequate community outreach and gathered input from the community, IT DID NOT prior to choosing the three alternatives. Now, it wants the community to choose one of those three options that it has offered. So far, we have not heard from anyone in West Seattle who supports any of the three alternatives.

SIGN THIS PETITION TO REJECT ALL THREE OF THE ALTERNATIVES as clearly unacceptable, risky, dangerous, underbuilt, and clearly destructive to a treasured small neighborhood and park. You can view the alternatives being proposed at Murray Pump Station Alternative Sites Chosen by KCWTD and at Turn Lowman Beach into a Utility Site? Overflow Options Draw Ire.


The results of this petition will be used to work with our representatives at all city, county and state levels to move them in the right direction. It may also be used for environmental, parks, and department of planning meetings that will take place if KCWTD continues down this road of forcing inadequate solutions on West Seattle neighborhoods.
Thank you for your kind consideration!

P.S. Children may sign this petition. Children should have a voice and a vote in what happens to their neighborhoods and parks.

The Petition

We, the undersigned, REJECT all of the alternatives that the King County Wastewater Treatment Division has chosen for siting and building at least a 1 million gallon Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) tank in, on, and around Lowman Beach Park and its unique and treasured neighborhood.

Said alternatives that are unacceptable and any similar future alternatives that resemble the current ones that might have similar destructive and dangerous impacts on said neighborhood are also REJECTED.

This does not mean that the undersigned does not believe in the necessity for protecting Puget Sound. This does not mean that the undersigned would not accept and even support a different and better solution to the CSO problems in the West Seattle neighborhoods. Said current alternatives rejected in their entirety by the undersigned can be viewed at Murray Pump Station Alternative Sites Chosen by KCWTD.


3 responses

21 04 2010
Todd Eaton

Seperate storm drain and sanitary sewer drain should be an option.

27 04 2010
Julia Sweeney

I wish to support the #1 Petition. The city talks a lot about beautifying. It needs to direct it’s attention and pocket book to projects like this that are long term and will affect so many people of all ages.

27 04 2010

Hi Julia: Noted. You can contact Jim Coombes at 937-6309 to find out where a hard copy petition might still be located for signatures. I know they were keeping a copy at the Husky Delicatessan on California Ave. But, I am not sure on that. Thank you for your support!

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