Letters (Updated 4/23/10)

This page will contain links to .pdf files that are copies of letters, e-mails, or other correspondence that I have been given permission to post here for your information. The first letter is here — Letter from Coombes to Constantine dated 04/07/10.

I have written a number of e-mails to all the councilmembers and legislators listed in the right sidebar under “Politics.” I have received no formal written or telephonic responses to date (4/08/10). I have spoken with the legislative assistants to all of the councilmembers and they have these issues on their radar, but, again, there has been no formal response to any of my correspondence by e-mail or by phone to date (4/08/10).  I may start posting my communications and the responses I have gotten when I have some time.  So, far, again, as of 4/23/10, no formal written responses except from Jan Drago’s office.  Her response is below:

    Dear Dr. Sterling,Thank you for sending me your notes regarding the two wastewater utility capital projects in West Seattle. I apologize for the delay in replying to you, and let me assure you that all of your correspondence has been received and considered. Your notes and suggestions are very timely, and I will make sure they are included in WTD’s record and given consideration.

    It is very important that the process for improving all of our wastewater facilities is done openly, with the public engaged and informed from beginning to end. That is why I intend to have a briefing on these and the other two CSO projects in the city of Seattle at an upcoming Regional Water Quality Committee meeting, where committee members will have an opportunity to examine the analysis done thus far.

    Thank you once again for contacting me.

    Jan Drago

When and where are those Regional Water Quality Committee meetings? Here’s a link — King County Regional Water Quality Committee Website. Next one is Wednesday, May 5, 3:00 p.m. at Council Chambers, King County Courthouse, 10th floor. Happy Cinco de Mayo! (but don’t drink the water…. just joking!)

New Letters to View

At the latest meeting of the Morgan Junction Community Association (MOCA), I was able to get copies of a poem and a letter. The letter can be viewed by clicking here (small pdf file). The poem can be viewed by clicking here (small pdf file).

The letter is from Patrick Gordon to King County Executive Dow Constantine. The poem is written by Patrick’s daughter, Colby. Thank you, Patrick and Colby!


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