[Updated 5/4/10]

This page will contain links to debatable issues. We will post arguments related to the current plans for Barton and Murray pump stations that go to the core of the plans — that is, whether they are big enough, properly planned for future events and expansions, if necessary, where to locate, possible green option impacts AND we will point out discrepancies in the current data and arguments that the King County Wastewater Control Division is offering us.

So, let the debates begin!

The current Debate pages can be found by going directly to those pages at:

Please Note:  KCWTD personnel may debate these issues here or add comments or suggested corrections.  They must, however, identify themselves and give contact information for follow-up, accountability, and credibility purposes.  For longer arguments, please submit documents by e-mail to me directly at ron @ soundangels dot org.  Such longer documents may be posted as pdf files.  Thank you for your consideration.


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