(Updated 4/29/10)
There are a lot of resources at King County’s sites which has a link on our right sidebar. However, we will provide links here directly to reports and other sources of data about Puget Sound CSO spills and related matters.

Right now, let me tell you up front, it is difficult to ferret out the data from the existing reports, even what you would think is simple data, like the dates, times, and amounts of CSO spills from Barton and Murray pump stations for the last 10 years. In addition, the existing reports reveal what appear to be conflicts in data about the dates, times and amounts of spills contained in those reports.

Here’s a list of links that will get you to most of the reports and information that is accessible at this time.

Getting clear, concise and well-organized data about CSO events is not an easy task. It requires that you ferret out the data from overlapping reports that contain apparent conflicts and from reports that don’t cover more than one year at a time.

I have requested CSO data from KCWTD “Could you please provide this community with a simple, straightforward table showing ALL CSO events from Barton, Murray, Magnolia and North Point for the last six years. In other words, by pump station, a table with the dates of the CSO events, the amount of CSO, etc., for ALL reasons, pumps down, damaged, flooded, electrical outage, rain event, etc. So, the table would have four sections, each with a date column, amount column, reason column, and possibly comment column if you wish. Second, could you provide a copy of any feasibility study or report done for locating the planned facility(ies) in Lincoln Park. I note that there was some thought about tunneling, but tunneling is not likely necessary, and a back up pump station for emergencies and future use would be nice, given that Murray and Barton are aging and are very vulnerable to future tide and sea level changes, and such.

KCWTD responded by e-mail in one day from Don Jewett, Project Control Engineer, WTD Public Disclosure Officer: “At this point, I have provided the responsible department 3 weeks (05-20-2010) to supply responsive records. I may have them sooner. I will communicate with you and keep you informed on any updates regarding collecting and obtaining the responsive records.”


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