The Latest West Seattle CSO News and Information

17 06 2010

On June 15, the West Seattle Blog posted a very comprehensive report regarding the latest Parks Board Meeting, the upcoming all-day Technical Information Session noted on our Meetings page, and more about the Murray/Barton Basin Community Advisory Group at CSO Control @ Lowman Beach? New data; new group; Sat. session.

KCWTD continues to add more technical data to the Technical Information Library Page.


Community Advisory Committee or Council?

25 05 2010

Apparently, there is movement towards establishing bona fide stakeholder groups for the four designated “Beach CSO Projects” two located in West Seattle, and two further north in the Magnolia and North Park areas. I and several other neighbors have been contacted to provide preliminary comments and feedback to staff of company called EnviroIssues, apparently for the purposes of getting a sense of the issues that would be important for the establishment of stakeholder groups.

I will keep you updated as this process moves along. It would be nice if it is truly the beginnings of bringing the willpower, clout, and commitment of engaged communities to the table for obtaining the right solutions for CSO for both neighborhoods and the Sound — you know, adequate, expandable, maintainable, non-hazardous, and future-oriented.