Petitions and Politics Updated!

14 04 2010

Please note that we have updated our Politics and Petitions pages to reflect recent events, which include a public statement by Seattle Councilmember Tom Rasmussen and the delivery of 389 signatures on a petition to Tim Gallagher, Superintendent, Seattle Parks.


Petition #1 is Online!

9 04 2010

Please visit our petition website to sign our first online petition to REJECT ALL THE ALTERNATIVES currently proposed by King County Wastewater Treatment Division for the at least 1 million gallon CSO tank to be built in, on, and around Lowman Beach Park. More petitions may be necessary as this process moves along. We are attempting to keep any necessary petitions to “one-issue petitions.” This blog’s first priority is to stop the current plans, all of which are unacceptable, and get commitments from city, county and state officials for a larger, expandable, more comprehensive solution to CSO in the Murray and Barton pump station area that will most likely be sited in Lincoln Park.