The Fund for Legal Representation

29 04 2010

Although we do not have a “formal” organization yet, since this effort has required immediate response and prioritization of efforts, we have not gone down the road of legal representation. However, Linda Cox has. Here is her comment posted at People for Puget Sound?.

    “I set up a bank account so we can accept donations.  We have hired Williamson Law Office (land use law) to see where we are, legally, with this process and what can be done to at least put it on hold until the community has time to have some input. The initial legal fees for this effort are estimated to be about $1,000. If it is determined that we have a case and can proceed then the legal fees will be closer to $5-6,000. We need donations now. We don’t have time to wait!The account is at US Bank … called…. SAVE LOWMAN BEACH PARK

    Folks can stop by US Bank and make contributions, payable to SAVE LOWMAN BEACH PARK or write a check payable to Save Lowman Beach Park and mail to Linda Cox at 6523 California Ave SW #228, Seattle, WA 98136.

    I am setting up an account in Quicken and will track all contributions. I expect we will have very few checks to write so didn’t order checks. The account is free. Now we just need donations as I only deposited $100 at this time to open the account. Your donations will be appreciated and future generations will appreciate our efforts to save the beach-side park.

    Please contribute. call your friends, etc and ask for donations.

    Linda Ann Cox, Neighbor”