The Latest West Seattle CSO News and Information

17 06 2010

On June 15, the West Seattle Blog posted a very comprehensive report regarding the latest Parks Board Meeting, the upcoming all-day Technical Information Session noted on our Meetings page, and more about the Murray/Barton Basin Community Advisory Group at CSO Control @ Lowman Beach? New data; new group; Sat. session.

KCWTD continues to add more technical data to the Technical Information Library Page.


They Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do!

13 05 2010

I haven’t totalled all the untreated CSO that went into Puget Sound from the Duwamish River Outfalls from the Lander, Hanford#1, and Hanford#2 pump stations (well, not sure they have pump stations yet), but the total UNTREATED CSO spills from those three sites noted in King County Wastewater Division’s 2008 report was somewhere in the vicinity of 60 million gallons.  Let me tell you, I am having a hard time even finding good schematics of those outfall/pump stations.

I find it interesting that in the report the “receiving body of water” is listed as the Duwamish River, which is technically true, but, then, (guess what?)  Hanford and Lander outfalls are very close to each other and just east of Harbor Island, and, thus, it’s only a few thousand feet from there to Elliott Bay, which, I think, is still part of Puget Sound.

At any rate, shouldn’t the focus be on the biggest offenders first for the health of Puget Sound? Shouldn’t all this energy being invested in the so-called Puget Sound Beach CSO projects be directed to those outfalls first? And, why are they not considered to be Puget Sound Beach Projects? Is Alki a beach? How about the beaches along the Duwamish after it officially becomes Elliot Bay, so to speak, you know, on the east side of the West Seattle peninsula?

Maybe there is a good reason, like, oh, we can’t do that now because of the superfund clean-up going on in the Duwamish?  I could be wrong, but the Hanford and Lander outfalls look like they are not within the boundaries of the designated superfund clean-up area.

I am not sure, but the priorities for cleaning up Puget Sound seem to be backwards — do the smallest CSO problem sites first. Until I hear otherwise, these priorities don’t make sense for the health of Puget Sound.

The Smoking Gun?

11 05 2010

This early document posted on the Seattle Parks and Seattle Gov website may not be a smoking gun in terms of answering the question “What did the giftors of Lowman Beach Park say the gift should be used for?”, but it is, I hope, significant. It would seem that the original intent of the park was sabotaged when it was allowed to start to be used as a pump station way back when.

Let the Debates Begin!

3 05 2010

We have reordered our pages and added a new page called Debate.

Our Debate page now contains links to the debates as they get posted. Each Debate page will contain one particular subject matter debate. The current Debate pages can be found by going directly to those pages at:

Or, you can go to our Debate Page by clicking here.

Also, feel free to let KCWTD know you want the 2009 CSO data for Barton and Murray now. We requested CSO data for the last five years and we got about two and one-half years of data, which does not include 2009. We have been told we can’t have it until KCWTD issues its 2009 report to the State Ecology Department, sometime in July 2010. They have the data, but, I guess it isn’t official yet?

Please note:  KCWTD personnel are invited to debate the issues and concerns right here, if they wish, however, for credibility, accountability and follow-up KCWTD personnel must identify themselves and give contact information if they wish to post here.  Please submit any longer arguments by e-mail to ron @ soundangels dot org.  I will post unedited on the web page itself or as a pdf, if it is a lengthy document.  Thank you for your consideration!

CSO Data for West Seattle Pump Stations

29 04 2010

As noted on our Data page, getting clear, concise and well-organized data about CSO events is not an easy task. It requires that you ferret out the data from overlapping reports that contain apparent conflicts and from reports that don’t cover more than one year at a time.

I have requested CSO data from KCWTD “Could you please provide this community with a simple, straightforward table showing ALL CSO events from Barton, Murray, Magnolia and North Point for the last six years. In other words, by pump station, a table with the dates of the CSO events, the amount of CSO, etc., for ALL reasons, pumps down, damaged, flooded, electrical outage, rain event, etc. So, the table would have four sections, each with a date column, amount column, reason column, and possibly comment column if you wish. Second, could you provide a copy of any feasibility study or report done for locating the planned facility(ies) in Lincoln Park. I note that there was some thought about tunneling, but tunneling is not likely necessary, and a back up pump station for emergencies and future use would be nice, given that Murray and Barton are aging and are very vulnerable to future tide and sea level changes, and such.”

KCWTD responded by e-mail in one day from Don Jewett, Project Control Engineer, WTD Public Disclosure Officer: “At this point, I have provided the responsible department 3 weeks (05-20-2010) to supply responsive records. I may have them sooner. I will communicate with you and keep you informed on any updates regarding collecting and obtaining the responsive records.”