Although this section of Sound Angels is under construction, please feel free to make suggestions about what you think would be the better or best solutions to the CSO spills into Puget Sound from the Barton and Murray Pump Stations in West Seattle.

The better and best solutions break down into shorter-term and longer-term. We are completely in support of greener solutions (roof water capture, changes in residential yard construction, and gutter cut outs (roadside rain gardens), but those greener solutions will likely be longer term projects and won’t necessarily capture increased sewage demands from population growth and construction and they may have significant limitations in areas like most of West Seattle due to the speed of roadway runoff down the hills of West Seattle.

So, in that regard, we wish to see both shorter term and longer term solutions instituted.

The shorter term does involve CSO tanks, which, even with the best and most widely used greener solutions, will still be necessary for many reasons, one of which is electrical outages which take down pumps, or pump damage or failure due to wear and tear, flooding, etc. Current pump stations are too close to the ocean and have suffered tidal surge floods and other flooding that has shut them down. CSO tanks would allow for capture of a significant amount of such wastewater during such events. Every capture counts. We feel that a pump station should be part of a Lincoln Park CSO solution — a set of pumps located away from the effects of possible tidal surges, global warming tidal increases, and flooding.

We feel that one of the biggest problems with the type of planning that has gone on so far is that it is not very forward thinking in terms of anticipating future needs or other emergent scenarios. To a large degree, our motto is, “If you are going to build, build it right.”

Please feel free to comment, suggest and discuss. We will have sections to this page that will discuss what you wish to discuss, so let us know. Thanks, Ron


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