West Seattle Sound Angels was established April 8, 2010, by Ron Sterling, a renter of a cottage on Beach Drive next to Lowman Beach Park and the Murray Pump Station.  This blog is for discussing and pushing for a comprehensive CSO solution in the West Seattle areas of Lowman Beach Park (Murray Pump Station) and the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock (Barton Pump Station). That’s what I said, “A comprehensive solution” — one that involves stakeholders as active and voting consultants, that involves more than just band-aid solutions to the CSO problem.

I understand the need to preserve the Lowman Beach Park neighborhood as one of the very unique neighborhoods of Puget Sound, but, again, my efforts and the efforts of almost everyone I have talked to who are signing petitions and working on “Saving Lowman Beach Park” are NOT opposed to CSO tanks. There are many other alternative sitings and more comprehensive plans that can be explored and fulfilled, but it takes more than a bureaucrat to do it — as they say, it takes a village.

I have been more intimately involved than I ever really wanted to be with King County Wastewater Treatment Division (KCWTD) plans for the Murray Pump Station since early 2005.  During 2005-2007, I and two other neighbors, along with Dow Constantine and Tom Rasmussen, were able to get KCWTD plans for expanding the Murray Pump Station to be sited under the sidewalk and the street instead of inside the Lowman Beach Park.  However, those plans were shelved by KCWTD in anticipation of the upcoming plans for a large CSO tank to be placed somewhere in the Murray Pump Station area.

The new alternatives, chosen by KCWTD AND not by any real input or vote of the communities involved, are ALL unacceptable, and, quite frankly, a travesty of disrespect for small, treasured neighborhoods, parks, and Puget Sound.

Before you start throwing NIMBY (“Not In My Backyard”) accusations around about me, please note that I have no financial stake in the outcome of this effort to get KCWTD to move all CSO siting to Lincoln Park, or some other similar site.  I rent.  I own no property in West Seattle.  I can move at will.  I don’t have to put up with the likely 2-4 years of construction mess and noise that Lowman Beach Park neighbors will experience if KCWTD has its way with its current plans or the aftermath of the construction, which is mostly unknown at this time.

My heart belongs to Puget Sound.  I windsurf on it most every chance I get, except within 48 hours of any significant rain event (… don’t like swimming or breathing the mist of the toxics…).

So, as I see it, the Sound and treasured West Seattle neighborhoods need a lot of angels to keep them from being doomed.  If you wish to truly save the Sound and to get KCWTD to do the right thing, please consider breaking out that halo from the closet and joining up!


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14 04 2010
Betty J. Solero

I made several attempts to sign petition on my Mac. No luck. On the second day, I tried a pc and was able to sign. Go figure. I wonder if anyone else has had the same trouble.

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