Truly Underwhelming RWQC Briefing on CSO Projects, June 2

5 06 2010

I have to say this — I am so glad I did not spend my hard-earned time on planet earth to attend the most recent Regional Water Quality Committee meeting. At the last minute, since I had not been sent an agenda as promised, and since I had no idea of what amount of time was going to be devoted to the “CSO Briefing,” I decided not to attend. I have since viewed and analyzed the presentation that was made to the RWQC by Linda Sullivan and the committee members’ responses to the presentation. Frankly, it was abysmally underwhelming.

Committee members showed literally no concern about any of the alternatives currently proposed for CSO solutions at the Murray pump station and NONE for the proposed complete alteration of Lowman Beach Park or the use of eminent domain to buy up prime private property for the 2 million gallon tank. NONE!  (Oh, and now the tank is being described as a 2 million gallon tank — used to be 1 million — can someone please make up their mind?)

View the video of the June 2, RWQC meeting yourself by clicking here. Go to the 1:39 mark where the briefing starts. It lasts about 30 minutes.

The two most interested and concerned committee members were Don Davidson, Mayor of the City of Bellevue, and Bill Peloza, councilmember City of Auburn. Unfortunately, one of the most significant questions that came from Mr. Peloza went substantially unanswered and without follow-up. The question related to “how are you going to reduce those five overflows per year at Murray to one per year?” I will send Mr. Peloza an e-mail that answers that question for him. The short answer is, the current plans won’t.

I will also be writing to the RWQC asking to be allowed to do a briefing to them on the community’s concerns and to more adequately answer the questions that Mr. Davidson and Peloza had.  Mr. Davidson’s concern related to his question which was essentially “when are we going to get this right?”




One response

11 06 2010
betty J. Solero

So much for in put. Yes, just 3 solutions presented. No other concerns. Kick the can down the road. I would love that real dollars bills had been attached to each bullet point.

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