Heritage Trees?

27 05 2010

I have nominated the two sycamore trees in Lowman Beach Park for Heritage status at the Plant Amnesty Heritage Trees page.

You may think that it is not possible for a tree on Seattle Parks land to be declared a Heritage tree, but it is! I confirmed that with our local Southwest Parks Center people AND four trees were recently declared Heritage trees in the Roanoke Street Mini-Park. Watch the video at the link. It is way too much fun and special! Can you envision our celebration of the Great Sycamores of Lowman Beach?

Feel free to let PlantAmnesty know how you feel about these two trees.

On another note, the Parks Board meeting tonight is about trees and shrubs on Parks land. My plan is to ask them why they have not moved the city for an ordinance allowing such Heritage trees found on public land (parks) to have legal status and legal protections?




2 responses

29 05 2010
Jan Bailey

Also contact Mark Mead Tree arborist for the Seattle Parks Dept. Mark.Mead@seattle.gov He is the protector and advocate for the trees in our city parks.

7 06 2010
Ralph Heino

This is a great idea Ron. The trees become iconic for the preservation of the whole natural state of the park. The city was quite sensitve to establishing a natural shoreline with no fixed concrete bulkhead. Native grasses and other idigenous vegitation was used to achieve this objective. You have the expanse of mowed lawn that has provided a porous, soft and user friendly surface for lying and playing on.
Juxtapose the above with any move to “industrialize” the park. Any attempt to put additional mechanical systems in such a small sensitive space would certainly seem counter to the whole history and nature of the park.

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