The Leadership Void

19 05 2010

Let’s see, I first found out about KCWTD’s potential plans for siting a CSO tank in the Lowman Beach Park neighborhood by “hounding” Martha Tuttle, whose official title, as I understand it, is Water Quality Planner/Project Manager lll, but who is often identified as a community relations representative for KCWTD. When I finally landed a direct phone call with her in February 2010 in my attempts to get updated on why I hadn’t heard from KCWTD for so long about the plans for the underground electrical generator that a team of neighbors (including me) and KCWTD had been working on since late 2005, she said “We are working on CSO plans that incorporate the electrical generator. . . you aren’t going to like it.” That was it, until the three alternatives showed up at our neighborhood’s door-step on or about March 29, 2010.

Literally, almost within seconds of getting back home from that KCWTD informational meeting of March 29, 2010, I started writing to my city, county, and state representatives about the significant lack of true community involvement in the plans that KCWTD was clearly going to go forward with, come hell or high water. To date, I have continued to beat the drums and communicate to those same “leaders” what I see happening with King County’s complete lack of respect for our community’s desires to do the right thing for our neighborhoods and Puget Sound. The lack of respect continues, and our “leaders” are, as far as I can tell, missing in action.

So, while a very large group of residents of West Seattle try to get to the table to get a true vote, and offer their clout, assistance, and willpower in finding the solutions they feel are best for the West Seattle community, our “leaders” more-or-less twiddle their thumbs, I guess (until proven otherwise), hoping for us to disappear. Ain’t gonna happen!

While our “leaders” twiddle their thumbs, two communities with different agendas, different stakes, and different sets of “sacrifices” start to go at each other. Hmmm… and, where are the “leaders”? Still missing in action. I guess that is what they want, “war” and hard feelings being created between neighbors and communities. Hard-earned time and money being paid out to find the right solutions, stop the KCWTD madness, and look for legal strategies. That’s what our “leaders” want? To keep offending us, making us spend our hard-earned money and time to get the right thing done? Us?

I can only assume that is what they want until they prove otherwise. I wrote to them a couple of days ago about this very scenario. See the FCA’s allegedly “Draft” letter to Dow Constantine, basically saying “your problems (Lowman Beach Park) are not our problems.” I would debate that one, anytime, anywhere. Mr. Butterfield, are you listening? It was a cheap shot by the FCA, alleged “Draft” or otherwise, and the idea was not passed by any of the Morgan Junction Community Association officers prior to the FCA going public with a “Draft.” For goodness sake, a “Draft” slap in the face?

The FCA apparently has a very short memory (or, they don’t give a rat’s behind) as to how much many of us helped them in their very recent fight to keep Washington State Ferries from expanding the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock, something THEY did not want. It could have been good for some businesses in West Seattle. Many of us could have taken a different path. But, no, we supported the FCA’s efforts. Hmmm… so much for reciprocal neighborliness.

So, Executive Dow Constantine, Councilmember Jan Drago, Councilmember Tom Rasmussen, where are you for this community?

P.S. I am sending copies of this to our state representatives. I wrote them more than a month ago, but the only one who responded at all said “it isn’t really a state issue.” Really? So, you want to see subsections of the 34th District at “war” with each other. Well, do you?




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