Fauntleroy Community Association Ups the Conflict Quotient

12 05 2010

Although it is allegedly only a “Draft” letter to Dow Constantine from the Fauntleroy Community Association (FCA), it is difficult to know just what was going through their minds, other than to raise the level of conflict and set up a situation that only makes things more controversial. You can read it for yourself at the West Seattle Blog: Fauntleroy Community Association: CSO “proceed” letter, schoolhouse.

I have checked, and so far received confirmation from one Morgan Community Association officer, that no FCA officer or otherwise passed this Draft letter to Dow Constantine by any of the MOCA officers for review and comment BEFORE deciding to make it public. In its current form it is a clear call to arms for MOCA and all those who are working for a comprehensive solution to this area’s CSO problems.

In my humble opinion, it would have been far more neighborly to do a joint letter to Dow Constantine from the presidents of both organizations, but, I guess the FCA wants to go this on their own and have decided they want what they want when they want it no matter how it affects anyone else. Pretty far from neighborly. And, quite frankly, it signifies the VERY LAST TIME I will support anything the FCA wants, like I did with their campaign related to Washington State Ferries’ expansion plans for the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock. Never again. What are you thinking?

As for the solution that they want to have proceed, I am not sure they are getting it. It won’t solve their CSO problems, not even close, and they have an aging pump station that is the lowest in the system and is incredibly vulnerable to future sea level rise and has already gone down, pumps and all, from flooding. To put an underbuilt structure in a school house parking lot and then call that a solution is really just passing the buck to the next community downstream. Thanks, but no thanks!




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