Keep Beating the Drums! “Moratorium Plus True Stakeholder Representation!”

10 05 2010

The meeting of Save Lowman Beach Park people this evening (5/10/10 at Puppy Perfectors in White Center), sponsored and organized by Gary Cobb, was a great start for the core of a true stakeholders group with voting rights for the plans for CSO facilities to be sited in West Seattle at or near the Barton and Murray pump stations.

Kudos to Gary! Lots of passion and lots of ideas and the main theme was “Moratorium on all plans and establish a true and significant stakeholders group, now!” Also, don’t let them head fake us with “informational meetings,” as if that constitutes a true stakeholder consultation process.

Read my lips “Moratorium on all plans for Barton and Murray CSO facilities and back to the drawing board with true consultation and voting power of a stakeholders group.”

Otherwise, quite frankly, this group and many more individuals who are ready to join up, will make life as difficult as possible for any of the current plans to ever see the light of day. Are you listening, KCWTD?

One other thing — politicize this as much as you can. My current phrase goes like this “If [insert elected official’s name] is going to drag their feet on assisting this community to get what it unanimously wants, and, on top of that, force our residents to put out hard-earned cash and expensive time to get what is right, there WILL be a price to pay come the next election, period.”

On that note: Thank you “Mac” McElroy” again, for showing an interest in this very hot and controversial, and dear to the heart issue, by coming to the meeting this evening. He’s running for Washington State House of Representatives 34th District Pos. 2 as an Independent. I would thank other candidates, and will always thank elected officials and candidates who show this kind of interest in something that is clearly dear to the hearts of the residents of West Seattle.  So, show up, so I can thank you!




One response

10 05 2010
Linda Cox

Thank you for your donation tonight to the Save Lowman Beach Park fund at US Bank. I will deposit your check tomorrow.

We need everyone’s donations and you can go into any branch of US Bank and make a deposit to Save Lowman Beach park.

Or send a check to me, Linda Cox, 6523 California Ave SW #228, Seattle, WA 98136. Please make the check payable to: Save Lowman Beach Park

Yes, everyone…. this is going to take some money to buy engineering reports, legal advice, and other professional advice regarding how to save this park.
Thank you for donating.

Linda Ann Cox
and the Lowman Beach Park Community

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