The Latest from Drago’s Office and KCWTD

6 05 2010

I spoke with Linda Robson at King County Councilmember’s Jan Drago’s office this morning, and they are definitely on this – “this” being the unanimous community support for a moratorium on plans and much more substantial stakeholder input. Drago asked for several things from KCWTD’s Director, Christie True, for the next Regional Water Quality Committee meeting which will include a detailed briefing to the committee from KCWTD about the Murray and Barton CSO tank and facilities plans. I was assured that Drago’s office is hearing us and fully supports transparency and substantive community involvement.

The next RWQC meeting is June 2 at 3:00 p.m.

In addition, the West Seattle Blog reports a call from Martha Tuttle today in which she stated that there is no current closing date for comments — “We have decided to extend the comment period on the CSO Beach Projects. Right now there is NO deadline. We want to encourage comments and questions and give adequate time for community members to respond. May 14 is not a deadline anymore.”

I am not particularly reassured (yah, it takes a lot). If only Martha Tuttle had said something like “we want to substantially involve the community, not just ‘give them more time to comment,’ but actually develop a consultative stakeholders group to work with us on the best solutions for the Sound and the neighborhoods in this matter. In these types of situations, we have found that engaged and activist community members can help us make the right thing happen. After all, they are the voters, and if there is some political will that needs to take place to get the right thing done, the community can do that, among many other things.”

Am I dreaming, again?  Probably.  My cynical side says, um, guess it is going to take THEM more time to get their act together so that they can counter our emerging arguments in a substantial way, so before they open their mouth again, they want to make sure they aren’t, you know, sticking a couple of feet in it.  I am still NOT hearing they are going to shelve these plans which have been strongly rejected unanimously by the West Seattle community.

I think I already stated I was playing “devil’s advocate” this time around. Are my horns showing?




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