Let the Debates Begin!

3 05 2010

We have reordered our pages and added a new page called Debate.

Our Debate page now contains links to the debates as they get posted. Each Debate page will contain one particular subject matter debate. The current Debate pages can be found by going directly to those pages at:

Or, you can go to our Debate Page by clicking here.

Also, feel free to let KCWTD know you want the 2009 CSO data for Barton and Murray now. We requested CSO data for the last five years and we got about two and one-half years of data, which does not include 2009. We have been told we can’t have it until KCWTD issues its 2009 report to the State Ecology Department, sometime in July 2010. They have the data, but, I guess it isn’t official yet?

Please note:  KCWTD personnel are invited to debate the issues and concerns right here, if they wish, however, for credibility, accountability and follow-up KCWTD personnel must identify themselves and give contact information if they wish to post here.  Please submit any longer arguments by e-mail to ron @ soundangels dot org.  I will post unedited on the web page itself or as a pdf, if it is a lengthy document.  Thank you for your consideration!




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