Call Jan Drago’s Office (and More)!

27 04 2010

As much as I think Councilmember Jan Drago (Chair of the Regional Water Quality Committee (RWQC)) is paying attention and may be concerned about what is going on with the KCWTD plans for Barton and Murray pump stations in her district, she seems to be approaching it on the slow side (sorry, Jan, KCWTD is blitzkrieging this community and a slow response might be okay — since we are not insiders and don’t know what the “inside” processes might be — but KCWTD promises SEPA applications and hearings in June this year, so it seems we need a rapid response on this — I could be wrong).

Calls to Councilmember Drago’s office noting your desire for a public hearing, complete briefing and allowed questions and answers would be helpful. You can call Drago’s office at 206-296-1008. Her Executive Assistant is Holly Krejci and her Communications Director is Linda Robson.

Other councilmembers on the Regional Water Quality Commission are Larry Phillips and Kathy Lambert. Larry Phillips: 206-296-1004. Kathy Lambert: 206-296-1003.




One response

27 04 2010
Linda Cox

My neighbor, Ted, sent me this e-mail message. He found a land use attorney who could look into the feasibility of taking legal action.
We need 10 folks who will contribute $100 to get this started. Please let us know if you are willing to help.

I’m afraid that we are running out of time and the County will just move in and take our park.
e-mail I copied:
“Ted, please see the below message from Bill Williamson who is a land use attorney and of counsel with our firm. It looks like a budget of $1,000 would be needed to evaluate whether a legal challenge is available. It also appears that time is short. Let me know if you’d like to “front load” this effort or feel free to pass Bill’s name along to whoever is spearheading the legal effort, Linda Cox? Or?

Thanks for calling me Ted — camille

Camille Taylor Ralston, Attorney | Montgomery Purdue Blankinship & Austin PLLC
701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 5500, Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 682-7090 Fax: (206) 625-9534

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