An Apology, and More about Politics

23 04 2010

Geoffrey “Mac” McElroy contacted me yesterday and let me know he is running as an Independent for Washington State House of Representatives 34th District Position 2.

So, I take back my statement that I have contacted all the candidates for 34th District state legislative positions. Uh, I guess I can be narrow-minded now and then. This would be one of those times. Sorry, Mr. McElroy! My bad, for sure.

In my haste to get this all moving along, I did not consider that there might be any 34th District candidates who would have a chance in the 34th District as anything other than a Democrat. I could be wrong, but, as you all may know, the Democrats have had a stranglehold on the 34th District for years and years.

So, to correct the record, I have not contacted anyone other than the Democrat Party candidates for 34th District positions, and, now, one Independent candidate, Mr. McElroy.

Kudos to Mr. McElroy for contacting me and being so on top of current events to note what we are attempting to do in West Seattle, and to take the initiative to contact us.

On that note, let me say this. As candidates contact me and voice an interest in what we are doing, I will list their campaign websites on our right sidebar.

Thank you, Mac!




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