The Morgan Junction Community Association Rocked!

22 04 2010

A huge thank you to the Morgan Junction Community Association (MOCA) on how they conducted last night’s (April 21, 2010) quarterly MOCA meeting. They covered a lot of ground and allowed an expansive amount of time for what many people were there for — to discuss and comment on King County Wastewater Treatment Division (KCWTD) plans to put a 1 million gallon (mostly underground) facility on, under, and around Lowman Beach Park. Thank you, MOCA!

A huge thank you to Seattle Councilmember, Tom Rasmussen for coming to the meeting and staying the whole time, to get a first hand understanding of what the community (not just the neighbors) feel about KCWTD’s three alternative plans for the Lowman Beach Park CSO tank. Thank you Tom!

A huge thank you to the offices of Seattle Councilmember Sally Bagshaw and King County Councilmember Jan Drago for having their staff (who are very experienced with these kind of issues and concerns) at the meeting. Thank you, Holly Krejci and Kathy Nyland!

Missing from the action and concerning to me — anyone from King County Executive Dow Constantine’s office AND anyone of note from any of the “alleged” Puget Sound clean water associations (you know who you are), even though we have reached out to all of the ones noted on this blog, more than once. Missing from the action — all the 34th District state candidates, except Joe Fitzgibbon.

More or less missing from action — Joe Fitzgibbon. Here’s an early review for you Mr. Fitzgibbon. Do your homework! Don’t be saying how much you support “holistic” solutions to King County CSO spills into Puget Sound, and, then, not stick around for the the highlight of the meeting, which was about precisely that.

By the way, I have contacted all the 34th District state legislators and all the candidates and have not heard back from a single one of them. I bumped into one of them the other day and got to talk a bit. It appears that they think this issue is not a state issue. Uh, what?

I will be writing more about the meeting soon. Stay tuned!




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