KCWTD Assurances? Really?

22 04 2010

Again, as the old Bureaucrat Rule Book dictates (King County Wastewater Treatment Division seems a little stuck in the past), they stuck to their guns at the Morgan Junction Community Association (MOCA) meeting last night (April 21, 2010). KCWTD appears to be moving down the road to choosing one of the alternatives they have “offered” us (and gave no assurances otherwise), when, in fact, it is clear that there is no one, literally, no person who wants ANY of those three alternatives to go forward.

The main message given TO KCWTD has been and continues to be, “Do real teamwork with the community, create a stakeholder’s group, do this right for the community and Puget Sound — no more under-built, destructive band-aids.” As much as KCWTD keeps saying “we are listening,” they are clearly listening only to what they want to hear. They seem to be hoping that we will accept the under-Beach Drive alternative or something built in the triangle at the confluence of Beach Drive and Lincoln Park Way.

What is clearly being said, however, is “NONE of the alternatives are acceptable. Period.”

What I find particularly disturbing is how on one hand KCWTD loves to say, and I quote, “Since there is already underground pumps in Lowman Beach Park, expanding that facility is ‘discretionary’ on the part of Seattle Parks.” But, on the other hand, they go on to try to convince us that these new projects will be the last ones in this area? Uh, I am NOT reassured.

Read my lips, KCWTD, “You continue to prove that once you get a tiny foot in the door in a particular area, you have no qualms about going further, even against the will of the community.” You want us to be reassured that this next set of construction won’t be followed by more construction? Whoever let you in Lowman Beach Park in the first place made a big mistake by not noting that the wolf at the door will come back if you feed it.”  Let me say that again…

“Whoever let you in Lowman Beach Park in the first place made a big mistake by not noting that the wolf at the door will come back if you feed it.”

No more KCWTD construction, except for an underground diesel electrical generator will be tolerated. It not only destroys a treasured neighborhood, but it just sets a precedent for more maintenance, tweaking, upgrading, and new construction in the future.

When we say “no,” we mean “no.”




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