Beat the Drums!

11 04 2010

Angels who know how to beat drums needed!

As you may know, I have announced the creation and mission of this blog in several places. The West Seattle Blog was kind enough to announce the creation of the West Seattle Sound Angels on their blog at Follow-up: Lowman Beach neighbor’s new sewer project website. In addition, I posted an announcement in the forums of the WSB at Sound Angels website announcement at West Seattle Blog forums page.

However, both those posts are getting very little attention or response. Any assistance you can give us with posting comments, support, or bringing attention to these concerns is much appreciated.

We can’t take for granted or assume that people will take the time to pay attention to these concerns, so like all good marketers, we need to keep beating the drums.

On that note, Jim Coombes’ off-line, hard copy petition to Seattle Parks has been signed by at least 200 West Seattle residents!  Kudos to Jim and to Michael Harkin for working so hard and skillfully for that petition! If you wish to sign it, it can be found at Husky Deli and Catering at 4721 California Avenue. Jim plans on delivering it to the Parks Department early next week.




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